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Why isn't LPC11U35 in the list of MCU targets?

The list of target MCUs on this web page only contain these entries:

LPC1768 LPC11U24 LPC2368 LPC812 KL25Z

So, if I want to build the Mbed library for LPC11U35 I should set LPC11U24 as the target MCU?

Or is the list of MCU targets on this web page out of date?

Regards, armdude

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Hello Jørgen Maker Hatter,

thanks for bringing this up. I'll update the tools page. As Jez suggested, look at the platform page which is up to date.


Accepted Answer

Reading the platforms page is what prompted my question. Thanks for updating the build information page :-)

posted by Jørgen Maker Hatter 30 Jun 2014
9 years, 3 months ago.


Try looking on the platforms page...




Hyperlink is incorrect: try this one: http://developer.mbed.org/platforms/

posted by Dave M 28 Mar 2015