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SSEL pin on FRDM-K64F ?

I'm trying to program FRDM-K64F as SPI Slave but can't figure out which pin to use as SSEL. I searched the users manual and K64F processor datasheet but unable to find pins mentioned in the uM datasheet on the FRDM board.

Which pin can I use as SSEL?

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it can be found in the mbed-src, in hal under K64F folder

    {PTD0 , SPI_0, 2},
    {PTE4 , SPI_1, 2},
    {PTA14, SPI_0, 2},
    {PTB10, SPI_1, 2},
    {PTB20, SPI_2, 2},
    {PTC4 , SPI_0, 2},
    {PTD4 , SPI_1, 7},


Accepted Answer

Thanks a lot .. PTD0

posted by mohamed ali 19 Jun 2014