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NucleoF103 and ext. crystal

Hello, unfortunately i couldnt find any info about this in the web.

Today i received my F103RB dev-board and everything works as expected.But only with the internal 8MHz clk. After searching the web, i found this manual: http://www.st.com/st-web-ui/static/active/en/resource/technical/document/user_manual/DM00105823.pdf

On page 21 it says for ext. crystal: – SB54, SB55 OFF – R35, R37 soldered – C33, C34 soldered with 20pF capacitors – SB16, SB50 OFF

Soldering the crystal and C33/34 is clear for me. But what sould i use for R34/35? I cant find any value....

Anybody knows this??


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7 years, 6 months ago.

R34,R35 are just zero (0) ohm resistors

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