7 years, 2 months ago.

rtos for nucleo; when will it be available?

when can i expect it working with the nucleo f401re?

thanks Patrick

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Official mbed Real Time Operating System based on the RTX implementation of the CMSIS-RTOS API open standard. cmsis, rtos, RTX

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7 years, 2 months ago.

Hello Patrick H.,

I see at least one issue why RTOS can't be enabled at the moment. It's cmsis startup code initializes systick. It is known issue, will be fixed.


6 years, 10 months ago.

?! rtos for nucleo; when will it be available (L152RE)

7 years ago.

Hello, Martin.

I'm also nucleo f401 user and i realized that mbed-rtos have not supported it yesterday. but rtos is successfully built after adding few lines of macro in configuration header.(check my forked library) and now it seems to be working fine so far.

I know mbed-rtos supports stm32f407 well and I thinks it's almost compatible to f401 except some peripheral features.

could you inform the issue more detail?


Hello, can you send a new pull request (on github) with all this changes? I recall systick was removed from 401, so there should be no problem..

posted by Martin Kojtal 08 Jul 2014
7 years ago.

Should this be working with the F401RE board? I am now able to compile a test program but it doesn't seem to run correctly.

This is what I did:

1) Create a new program using Nucleo_blink_led. 2) Compile and install - LED blinks. 3) Import mbed-rtos library. 4) Compile and install - no blinking LED.

Am I doing something wrong?

BTW, I'm running in Beta mode if that matters.


The first program - hello world rtos, does this work for you [https://mbed.org/handbook/RTOS]] ??

So you just add mbed-rtos to the app and it stops working?

posted by Martin Kojtal 15 Jul 2014

The "hello world" app does work. I wonder why just adding the library to the blink app doesn't work...

In any case, thank you!

posted by Brian Webb 15 Jul 2014