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Ax12W motor hello world with a bit of changes. 2 motor simultaneously. Double loop?

So , Ive tried to run two motors in the program. It actually worked! Well my question is , how do i run both motor simultaneously in 2 loop. Im not so sure if its possible or maybe how do i run both at one time? any answer will be much appreciated!

#include "mbed.h"
#include "AX12.h"

int main() 

    AX12 m1(p9, p10,1);
    AX12 m2(p28, p27,2);

    while (1) 
        m1.SetGoal(0);    // go to 0 degrees
        wait (1.0);
        m1.SetGoal(300);  // go to 300 degrees
        wait (1.0);
        wait (1.0);
        m2.SetGoal(0);    // go to 0 degrees
        wait (1.0);
        m2.SetGoal(300);  // go to 300 degrees
        wait (1.0);
        wait (1.0);


Ax12 used serial interface ,the program will sends out a command packet ,which includes ID, instruction ,and AX-12 with the matching ID and send a packet to micro controller includes ID data and checksum .

so we can sent many command with different ID at onetime.

if you want 2 motor run same degrees both at one time , use Broadcasting ID (254)0XFE.


posted by Gong Chen 23 Jun 2014
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