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Software UART on LPC1114?

I'm looking at the LPC1114 (or LPC11U24) for a project. My project though needs 2 UARTs. Each of the referenced devices only has one hardware UART. I'm googled and searched, and it looks like some work has been done on a software UART for mbed, but it isn't clear if it is working or even used by many people. I got to wonder if I am missing something, since several of the platforms only have one UART, and in the Arduino world software serial seems really popular.

Any one use Software UART on LPC1114? Any recommendations or comments? If I use a software UART, it would probably operate at 9600 or 19200. Faster is fine, but not required.

I've also looked at using an IC such as the an SPI to UART, but that would add more hardware and I would like to avoid.

Actually surprised me too, that there is no good software uart, you would expect people to have required it before.

posted by Erik - 26 Apr 2014

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6 years, 9 months ago.

Thats enough for today, but it went faster than expected. Still quite a bit to do, especially optimization wise. But since the basic seems functional: http://mbed.org/users/Sissors/code/BufferedSoftSerial/. Made a fully interrupt driven Software Serial implementation. Might add later on the option to not have it interrupt driven, then it can be faster. On the other hand, you shouldn't want to do it fast with a software serial.

If you aren't too much in a hurry it works now (tested up to 19200 with the LPC1768). And I grabbed Sam's BufferedSerial, and editted it until it accepted SoftSerial, so now you got both BufferedSerial and BufferedSoftSerial :).

Thanks Erik! I'll take a look, maybe this weekend or so.

posted by Timothy Swieter 13 May 2014