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Ethernet on Nucleo F401RE

Hi All, I just got my NucleoF401RE board and this the blink-LED example successfully. So far so good. What are the options on getting Ethernet working on this board?

I have an Arduino ENC28J60 Ethernet Shield and also an "official" WizNet W5100 Arduino Ethernet shield.

I see that there is an Ethernet Library mentioned in the "mbed Handbook" (https://mbed.org/handbook/Ethernet-Interface) , but I am not sure it will work or has been adjusted for the STM32F401 processor.

Has anyone got this board hooked up to Ethernet? if so, how? Any other options that I might be missing?

Thanks, Mike

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You can try to use your W5100 board on the Nucleo F401 with this library : http://mbed.org/components/Seeed-Ethernet-Shield-V20/

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Does it work ?

posted by Diogo Gomes 27 Aug 2014

I can confirm that the Nucleo 401RE works with a Wiznet Ethernet Shield using the Wiznet mbed library.

posted by Mike P 20 Dec 2014
7 years, 9 months ago.

You can try this library: http://developer.mbed.org/users/hudakz/code/UIPEthernet For an example see: http://developer.mbed.org/users/hudakz/code/WebSwitch_ENC28J60

Thank you! I will try out the ENC28j60 library.

posted by Mike P 20 Dec 2014