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LPC178x wait and serial problem

Hi there, We are using LPC1788 arm mcu (turkcel m2023). We want to use mbed for our development (we develope our own board, not a development board) but mbed not support this mcu. İn forums some dudes write 1788 is like 4088 and so we try 4088 support. We success blinking led example. But when we try uart program fails. What can we do ? İt is so important for us thanks

when we want to use wait or serial comment board does not work.

can anyone know how to solve this problem

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8 years, 8 months ago.

Perhaps the uart interrupts / registers related to the LPC1788 are different from the 4088. You would need to setup an offline compiler to make the necessary changes for a port of the MBED library.