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LPC1768 Http Webserver Custom PCB


I've being prototyping a simple webserver using my mbed - it was really easy to do but now I am trying to figure out if i were to design a circuit and make a pcb for it, how/where would the javascript page go? right now I am just dropping it on the mbed (using mass storage) but in the actual circuit i would program the binary via ISP right and would then need to put the webpage somewhere. Does the mbed dev board have external memory that it uses because i see it gets picked up as 2mb drive.

Any help appreciated!


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7 years, 7 months ago.

Yes the mbed board has an external memory connected to the interface IC. The easiest solution for your is most likely an SD card. You can simply plug it into your PC and add the necesary files, then your LPC1768 can read it with almost the same code as from LocalFileSystem.

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