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how to get bin file to board


this might sound like a stupid question, but how do I get the bin file to the board? I have updated the firmware, the drivers are ok, the compiler is happy and outputs a bin file to my filesystem - now what? Can anybody be so kind to tell me where to find the "upload button"?

Ciao, Mathias

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You should see a USB drive when you plug in your board. Drag the bin file to it, reset the board, and it should run.

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9 years, 5 months ago.

Thanks Erik for that advice.
I'm comming from Keil and IAR compiler and used ST-Demo Flash downloader for ST's MCUs in the past. Now - I start mbed.
So, I had the same question: How to upload Nucleo_p.bin file ?
I scanned mannually most of the online manuals = "Handbook" and could not find that information also.
Only google guided me here.

Is that information somewere in the Handbook and we both are not able to find it ?
Is it in the ST-LINK/V2-1 documentation ?
But I use jumper position "Nucleo" - not jumper position "ST-Link". So I did not look for the ST-Link documentation.
I'm confused.

BR, Joachim

Both on the handbook > hardware page, and on the relevant platform page, it is slightly mentioned. It wouldn't hurt if it was a bit clearer though. But good you figured it out :)

posted by Erik - 01 Apr 2014
9 years, 6 months ago.

Salut Erik,

first of all, thank you for this rapid response! I was not expecting that I can drag&drop the bin file to the USB device that shows up as a storage on my PC. Pretty unusual for someone who comes from the Arduino IDE side... Well, it worked as you described, so the weekend can come to explore this board

Thanks again and ciao, Mathias

Indeed, don't know if mbed was the first to use it or if already others did it before, but it is a pretty neat way to program your device, no special drivers required, and it works on every PC and even tablets with USB host.

posted by Erik - 14 Mar 2014