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Zigbee Technology with ARM Processor?

If any ARM processor board is available with Zigbee Technology ...... If it is available means how to give voice commands to that system....... please give with the program.......

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I've used both the LPC1768 and the KL25Z with Zigbee boards successfully, but not with voice commands. What are you trying to accomplish?

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I am Trying implement this to smart connection between cars.....

posted by Parthasarathi K 13 Mar 2014

The Zigbee to mbed connections use the Serial device, which is described here: https://mbed.org/handbook/Serial. After connecting the Zigbee hardware to the appropriate pins, like p28 and p27, you'd send bytes between the two boards using the readable(), getc() and putc() functions of the Serial device. To send audio commands, you'd need a microphone and software to parse the audio into recognizable commands, convert those to bytes, and send those bytes just like any other Serial data. I can't help with the audio-to-command parsing, however; I have no experience with that.

posted by Aaron Minner 13 Mar 2014

Ya Thank you buddy....

posted by Parthasarathi K 14 Mar 2014
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The mbed application board has a socket for a Zigbee module. There are also some libraries available that may be used to interface with these modules.