9 years ago.

IAP library not working for LPC11U35

Hi all,

I am trying to write to user EEPROM of LPC11U35 (QSB) with current O.Kano's IAP library and His demo code (I have replaced all "TARGET_LPC11U24" s to "TARGET_LPC11U35" in library) But it gives,

Error: Identifier "USER_FLASH_AREA_SIZE" is undefined in "IAP.cpp", Line: 26, Col: 26 Error: Identifier "USER_FLASH_AREA_START" is undefined in "IAP.cpp", Line: 193, Col: 22

Errors.. Do you think to change target identifier to 11U35 is not enough to adaptate this library for my LPC11U35 board?

Thanks in advance for any kind of helps..

2 Answers

9 years ago.

Try replacing them with: TARGET_LPC11UXX. Works for both at the same time. The issues is that TARGET_LPC11U35 is never defined, only TARGET_LPC11U35_501 or TARGET_LPC11U35_401. Don't ask me what the difference is, or for which one the compiler works. But the TARGET_LPC11UXX should work.

Accepted Answer
9 years ago.

Thanks a lot Eric.. It compiled at last!. I hope it works on mcu also..