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STL not found after exporting MBED project to Code Red (LPCXPRESSO)

I'm quite happy with the export function to Code Red, a simple "Hello World" LED flasher worked out of the box.

While converting a more complex project using MBED-RTOS and the TCP/IP stack compilation fails as in several include files STL includes are made which are not resolved by the LPCxpresso compiler.

e.g. what fails for instance is a

#include <list>

with a "fatal error: list: No such file or directory"

I have no idea how to solve this, i thought this is built into the CPP98 standard?

Any hints would be highly appreciated.

Turns out that as the "Time.h" include file from the TimeZone library uses C++, the header file needs to be renamed to HPP extension to avoid this error message (compiler treats it as c++ file then)

posted by Rudi Ratlos 30 Jul 2014
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