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Converting baud rate to bit rate


I'm using the RN42XVP-I/RM and I need to find the bit rate. From what I can find its calculated like this:

R = baud rate x log2S = baud rate x 3.32 log10S with S = 2N and N being the number of bits per symbol.

How ever I can't find the number of bits per symbol using the standard baud rate of 115200..?

Thanks Tom

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In the case of a TTL serialport like we have here, each symbol represents one bit (0 or 1). So baudrate and bitrate are the same. However, an asynchronous serialport such as in this case uses a startbit, one or two stopbits and possibly a paritybit. That leaves you with effectively 8 databits per 10 transmitted bits in the most common situation. You can easily do the math with that information.

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posted by Tom A 10 Mar 2014