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LwIP SNMP counter problems

Hi mbed-Community,

I am relatively new to the mbed world, and so I am having some trouble finding a solution.

I'm using the newest library of the EthernetInterface, and I activated the SNMP agent there, which was quite simple. The agent works well to some extend.

But for the counters under the Interface-group, I am facing some problems, and I wanted to ask if it is my fault or if this is not implemented correctly.

For example the variable ifinoctects, shouldn't this counter count every single octet that arrives at the ethernet port ? (the ethernet port seems to be correctly initializied in the MIB)

For the other MIB-groups the counters seem to work correctly (ICMP or SNMP for example). I don't know if many people here even use SNMP as I didn't found many questions here about it, but I wanted to give it a try, as many people here really know what they are doing.

Thanks in advance, and everyone a great weekend.

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Did you ever get everything working well? I have an SNMP project that I'm starting and would like to know if it is possible to checkout your code.

Thanks in advance

Hi Sergio,

yes I did manage to implement my own counters in form of a private MIB (to implement own SNMP objects). In the lwip.h you can activate private MIBs for SNMP and then create your own private structure. I hope this answer helps you.

If you need more information I can try to create an example MIB earliest on Friday evening.

Have fun. Mark

posted by Mark Szczepanski 15 Feb 2016


Your project used the LPC1768 platform right? I'm using the FRMK-K64F. I'll read up to see where I need to make the modifications.

I cant find documentation on initiating the SNMP agent. Do you have any docs on that subject? Maybe your example would help.


posted by stan richards 15 Feb 2016