8 years ago.

overloading the serial port

I have a board with an Xbee radio with a joystick that sends out a constant stream of commands. The commands look like: pwm 1:50 2:45 at 19200 with no flow control. On my embed I have an Xbee radio receiving the commands and setting PWM channels appropriately. My problem is that after reset the board responds correctly for about 2 seconds then quits responding. If I send the commands slowly from a PC by typing them in Putty or something it all seems to work correctly. So I'm assuming I'm overflowing a buffer or something. Does this make sense? Is there any way to prove this or fix it? I'm using Modserial and an int and attaching it like this. blueTooth.attach(&rxCallback, MODSERIAL::RxIrq); are there some parameters I can set to help the buffer out?

I have stuff printing out of another com port that continues to work, so the chip is not locked up, just that port quits working. I can move the xbee module over to a PC connection so that I can try to talk to the locked up port but nothing comes out and it does not respond.Hope this all makes sense. Any ideas? P.S. this code is ported over from a 10mz PIC that runs it perfectly, so I have a hard time thinking the pic cna do it but the faster embed can't. Must be a setting or something.

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