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Connecting USBSerial to LPC11u24 ??

Hi I have tried debugging with printf over serial without luck, because the Arch GPRS does not have this ability out of the box.

I am now trying to understand how to follow the instructions on this page https://mbed.org/handbook/USBSerial which is hard as I do not understand what is meant by USB connector. Is it an extra board I need, or do I need to solder a cut up USB cable to a pin. And in the latter case, where is the pin mentioned D+ D- which is not visible on the board.

Furthermore, is there another simple way of getting some output from the code running. I heard of JTAG, or other debug connectors, does any board support that?

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The USB port of Arch GPRS is the one of LPC11U24. You don't need to soldering anything.

Just import the program on that page, compile and download the binary file to Arch GPRS.

Then install this driver in device manager of windows(not needed on LInux or Mac), you will get a COM port.

Accepted Answer
6 years, 6 months ago.

Niels, you have probably figured it out by now. In case you still need examples take a look at the notebook page for the DipCortex M0. That platform also uses the LPC11U24 and has a examples for serial IO to the PC. Checkout the Dipcortex-ADC-USB and others.

Code is:

#include "mbed.h"
#include "USBSerial.h"
USBSerial pc;
int main()
    while (1) 
        pc.printf("Test ");

Add the SerialUSB lib to your program and install the serial driver as explained above.

Niels Buch
6 years, 6 months ago.

Thanks both, I finally got it working. It took some time to realize how to install the inf-file on win8, but its possible. And it was not clear to me what the USB-connector meant.

Your replies cleared the stuff, and I have wonderful debugging output, and the board is working great. Thanks again.