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Can anyone help in knowing how to interface the zigbee data from mbed to labview

If you are interfacing GPS data between 2 MBEDs, consider 1st MBED, connect GPS to p9, p10 and XBEE (ZIGBEE protocol) to p27, p28 Same way for the other.

Provided only two XBEE is there in your working place. If more XBEE are simultaneously turned ON, make sure you need to follow some set of protocols

posted by kumar kumar 03 Mar 2014
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any succes?

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just I am trying to interface DGPS using Zigbee protocol (XBEE company), I have connected GPS Tx and Rx to P9 and P10 of one MBED, XBEE i have connected to P27, P28. I have did the same for another MBED too. Now both of them is interfacing properly. Make sure the pins what you have connected should match with proper BAUD rate.

DGPS is working fine

posted by kumar kumar 03 Mar 2014

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