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Websocket server - Websocket_Wifly_HelloWorld

Hi; I can get the Websocket_Wifly_HelloWorld sample (as is) to work. It even shows the echo effect in rw mode. However: - The Websocket server website shows active connections in the State but View says connection not active (echo works !) - When I update the WebSocked Client library, the sample does not connect any more.

Is it possible to update the Hello World sample so it works with the latest revisions of all components ?


Looks like the problem is related to is_connected() which retuns false all the time (despite being connected).

posted by Rolf Springer 31 Dec 2012

Update: is_connected() now works - pin was not connected

posted by Rolf Springer 31 Dec 2012

I have same problem... did you sucess?

posted by 안 형균 22 Oct 2013
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