8 years, 2 months ago.

Problems with every HTTP servers


I'm try to get a RPC HTTP server running on my 1768. I've used serveral programms I've found here, but noting worked.

I used http://mbed.org/users/feb11/code/HTTP-Server/ or http://mbed.org/users/leihen/code/HTTPServer/ and I don't get the IP address of the server via the terminal. I don't get anything via the terminal. So I can't connect to web server.

The steps i did on the HTTP-Server programm:

- connect the mbed to my rounter via an ethernet cable (self made board), my PC is connected via WLAN OR connect the mbed directly to my PC

- import to my compiler without doing any changes

- compile the programm - copy it to my mbed - start TeraTerm - reboot my mbed

-> nothing happens on the terminal or on a web page (I guessed possibleIP addresses)

Easier examples e.g. LED, GPIOs and Hello World Terminal programms are working.

I hope you can help me.

Best regards Flo

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