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how do I limit the amount of trailing zeros of a float and double?

Creating a json object was relatively simple. The json string is: {"sensorBoardName":["SensorBoard1"],"sensor":{"pH":0.000000}} The "pH": json value should be 0.00 instead of 0.000000. Is there anyway to limit the amount of trailing 0s float produces? Does anyone know if there is a configuration setting in the MbedJSONValue.h library to limit the amount of trailing zeros?

#include "mbed.h"
#include "MbedJSONValue.h"

MbedJSONValue SensorData;

float phSensor = 0.00;

int main() {
    char *sbNameKey = "SensorBoardName";
    char sbNameValue[BUFSIZ];
    MbedJSONValue SensorData;
    std::string s;
     * Read a configuration file from a mbed.
    if (!cfg.read("/local/settings.cfg")) {
        error("Failure to read a configuration file.\n");

     * Get a configuration value.
     * Then attach the sbNameValue to SensorData json
    if (cfg.getValue(sbNameKey, &sbNameValue[0], sizeof(sbNameValue))) {
        //printf("'%s'='%s'\n", sbNameKey, sbNameValue);
        //Create sensorBoardName value to json object
        SensorData["sensorBoardName"][0] = sbNameValue;
    SensorData["sensor"]["pH"] = phSensor;
    //serialize it into a JSON string
    s = SensorData.serialize();
    printf("json: %s\r\n", s.c_str());

    while(1) {

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I edited line 91 in MbedJSONValue.cpp from:

sprintf(buf, "%f", _value.asDouble);


sprintf(buf, "%.2f", _value.asDouble);

The %.2f trimmed the double value to just two decimals places.

Thank you Samuel Mokrani for guiding me in the right direction.

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