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mbed keyboard I/O

Hi guys,

I was wondering if there were any libraries that allowed for keyboard in and out on the MBED. I've found libraries that do either/or and one that does keyboard with serial, but haven't found any others. The issue that I'm running into is that I need the MBED to show up as a keyboard on the output side and as a host on the input side. Hopefully that makes sense. I was also wondering if that's even possible through a single USB interface.

Thanks, Ankit

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7 years ago.

Regardless if it would be possible on the mbed (highly unlikely), then you would need to have two USB hosts on a single bus, that isn't supposed to be the case. You really need two seperate busses.

Accepted Answer

I figured that would be the case. I think I will just use a SPI-based USB peripheral chip to receive keyboard data. That should save me the trouble of cracking my skull open over this project. Thanks for the help Erik.

posted by Ankit Patel 03 Nov 2013