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Newbie question: How to get usbserial to work on Windows 7

I followed (I think) all the instructions for setting up a terminal emulator (installed Putty) and installed the windows driver as directed. It configured the com port as COM8.

I compiled the USBSerial "Hello World" program and downloaded it to my NXP LPC1768. Brought up Putty and configured Serial/COM8/9600 baud.

Pressed reset on the LPC1768 expecting to see a message appear in the Putty window, but no joy!

I do notice that whenever I hit a key on the keyboard, the blue status light winks off momentarily, but no messages are coming back to the Putty window.

Obviously I've overlooked something basic here (I always hate it when I can't get the "simple" example to work)

Can anyone offer hints as to how to get usbserial working? I'd really like to use it as a debugging tool!



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Hi Chuck,

You didn't post any code. But, I'm assuming you are intending to use the built in mBed USB connector to try out the Serial/UART link. In this case, you should try the Serial Hello World program at the following link rather than using the USBSerial Hello World program. The USBSerial interface uses the LPC1768 DIP pins (D+,D-), not the mBed USB connector.

Try Importing this program:

Import programSerial_HelloWorld_Mbed

Serial Hello World


Edited to clarify the USBSerial interface DIP pins are actually labelled (D+, D-). Originally, I used the labels (p31, p32) based on the documentation on USBSerial.

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