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LPC 812 Max - Using PWM Help Please

Hello Guys,

I have LPC812 Max Board. But I can't compile with PWM code. How do I run the code without error pwm?

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Can you show the code plz?

7 years, 4 months ago.

Looking at the LPC800-MAX schematic, the PWM's are from an I2C device, PCA9672
this is a port expander chip,
I have looked at the data sheet, but there is a distinct lack of information,
as far as i can see, there is not even a resistor map !!

The prelude of the data sheet implies, that 'FAST I2C Interface', so I guess you 'BIT BASH' PWM :(

Sorry, not much help.


7 years, 4 months ago.

See the LPC800-MAX RGB demo using PWM State-Configurable Timer (SCT),

Import programlpc800-max-RGB

LPC800-MAX RGB demo using SCT and MRT