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Custom PCB won't startup (ARM embedded)

Hello guys,

I have a (small) problem and maybe someone can help me with it. I've setup GCC ARM embedded so that I can work on my projects when I don't have internet. I've installed it successfully and I can compile my projects offline.

On an Mbed the .bin file works fine but when I flash it in a custom PCB it seems it won't start the program. But when I flash the custom PCB with an online generated .bin it works fine.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for this problem? Thank you very much!

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Problem solved:

I just had to use the official build system... =P


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Hi David,

Do you have the correct target device on the custom device for the .bin code? i.e. the LPC1768 for the Cortex M3 mbed.

Regards Martin

Yes, I have the correct target device (a LPC1768). The offline compiled .bin works on a Mbed (LPC1768) but when I flash it into my custom PCB I won't start. An online compiled .bin works on both.

posted by David Vaessen 30 Sep 2013
7 years, 1 month ago.

Make sure you dont use any calls to the mbed interface chip on your own hardware. The code will hang since the mbed interface is not present. This includes serialport, localfile, semihosting calls, ethernet (to get the MAC address).