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How is this module actually programmed?

How does one program this module? It doesn't have the mini USB connector. Can it be programmed via the serial port bootloader?


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The description says it has connectors for •USB-micro B (mbed HDK debug interface) •20 position SWD/Trace connector (ARM standard debug connector)

Standard mbed download should work. The socket is not showing in the pics, maybe on on the rear side? Alternative is the SWD and a separate programmer.

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Ok, thanks. (I somehow can't "Thanks (Accept)" this...)

posted by Markus Hirsch 27 Sep 2013
6 years, 9 months ago.

Hi Markus,
You can program the board just like the other mbed modules - via USB drag-n-drop. There is a micro-B USB connector on the bottom side of the board.
It is also possible to use professional debuggers via the 2x10 pos trace connector, for example the LPC-Link 2 (a 15 EUR debugger).
By the way, in a couple of days we will go live with all the documentation around the board.
Kind Regards,
Embedded Artists Team