9 years, 6 months ago.

textLCD and Serial on KL25Z

Can I use textLCD and Serial simultaneously? I can not use serial on KL25Z when I use textLCD.(Maybe, it is the problem of "printf"?) Do you have any solution?

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9 years, 6 months ago.

How do you have your LCD connected? I.e., what pins does on the KL25Z are you using?

If you're using PTA1 and/or PTA2 for the LCD, then textLCD will conflict with the default Serial pins (PTA2 and PTA1 /USBTX and USBRX).

You can either use other serial pins (but you'll have to remove R5 and R6 and jumper over to the other pins) or use different pins for the LCD.

Accepted Answer

Thank you David! It correctly operated. I used PTA1 and PTA2 for LCD.

posted by yoshinari kou 18 Sep 2013