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Servo Config

Hi again Simon, this is my first time with my kl25z programming, so sorry for many questions

I need to control a Servo, actually i have a joystick, what should i configure with this .cpp ?

i can see parameters, like "value, max, min" etc

should i change them to the values i want?

or what do i need to work with my servo, can you help me setting pins or something like that?

thanks a lot again

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7 years, 2 months ago.

Hi David if you want to handle servos you can use the Maestro Servo Controller connected to the MBED. the MSC use serial commands to control servos

Here is the link of the product:



PD: The joystick have potentiometers on it, so you have to read the value, and according to that, move the servo in the direction that you want