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URGENTLY HELP! I need C or Assembly code on RN-42 (bluetooth module)

I will make the projekt with RN-42 module through 80386DX microprocessor and need code..


It is necessary to design 80386DX-based system capable of Bluetooth communication with external devices. Given an available Bluetooth module RN-42 that 80386DX communicate via serial port COM1.Exchanging commands and data as strings of ASCII characters. The order and format of instructions (protocol) with Bluetooth module which is configured before you set up wireless communication is known in advance and will be made ​​available. After configuring the module - will be established when the wireless link to another external device - everything is entered through the keyboard should be sent and accordingly it is received should be displayed on the monitor.


I don't really understand your question. Can you clarify what you are trying to do, and how it involves the mbed? -Kevin

posted by Amador Valley High School Robotics Team 08 Jul 2013

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Hi there,

You can get any cheap Bluetooth module from the market with BlueCore4-Ext IC and try our BX firmware on it. So you need to use one as Master the other as a Slave. For Slave you do not need any AT command to control just enable it by pull-up one pin after power up. For Master you need to use AT command in order to connect to Slave module. Our BX firmware provide very easy to use AT commands. So at least one solution I already propose to you )

Kind Regards, Stas