8 years ago.

SDFileSystem blocks modem from sending data.

Guys I posted this question almost a week ago and so far got no response. I really need help now. After several attempts I've come to the conclusion that the the File System corrupts the memory space occupied by the modem. This doesn't make sense because I call a function send_data() to post data therefore all variables in that function are in the stack and I declare my File System as a global variable so there can't be a collision between the two blocks. Also if I dynamically allocate space for the File system and delete it just before sending data , the program still freezes when I'm about to send data even thought I deleted the whole File System to prevent it from interfering with the modem.

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8 years ago.

That seems like an extremely unlikely reason.

But two problems now: One is that not too many people will use the 3g modem, so not too many can really help. Sadly not too much to do about it. Problem two is an enormous lack of information. You say it doesn't work, but you don't give much information besides that. At the very least give a program (publishing it is probably easiest for this) that is as small as possible and gives the problem, and also with annotated when the program does work (for example when you comment a line out).