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Can not delete programs or files from within the compiler

I am not able to delete any of my programs in the compiler. I can open a new program and properly compile it, but I cannot modify it and compile it. The compile process goes on forever, with no error messages being provided except to wait. When I take a program to IAR, I can modify, compile and download the .bin output with no issues. I suspect that I've corrupted something. Is it possible to delete all of the programs in my cloud directory so that I can start over? Please delete my entire workspace if possible.

I'm also getting a message indicating that the https prefix is limiting the displayable data. I have tried reducing Explorer security settings, but it does not seem to have affected the situation. I can see the non-secure images in the help file area of the mbed compiler by agreeing to presenation of non-secure data ... by clicking a check box in the error message.

Thank you for your help.

UPDATE: I found that the issue is with IE8. Both Foxfire and Chrome will delete the programs as expected. I have IE8 V8.0.7601.17514 with 256-bit cipher strength. Thanks

posted by Alan Hansford 21 Jun 2013
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