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How best to choose Bluetooth module for use with mBed at higher data rates.

Hi, I'm new to this discussion but I would like to add a Bluetooth module (to be purchased) to an mBed to allow serial comms between a Windows tablet and the mBed. Nothing fancy, but using some ASCII command and responses that I will define. My Windows program will be written in Delphi and I have a lot of experience of using this to work with COM ports etc. I know that most experimenters with Bluetooth modules and serial seem to use 112k baud but ideally I'd like to use the advertised 2-3 Mbps of some modules. I'd also be happy to use a non-serial layer if this gets me around a byte every 50uS or so. My link will also be very short. Is this possible?

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You could try an RN-42 or RN-41 module in HCI mode? I never tried it myself, but it should reach almost 3 Mbps.


Brian Frost
7 years, 6 months ago.

Thanks. I saw it was possible but nobody seems to have documented it!

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Easy to use:


Just make sure your "PC" (console) speed is 115Kbit.

Connects to the PC like a serial link.


Thanks Avnish but how is this HCI mode? I can see serial @ 115kbaud....... how about the 'almost 3 Mbps' of Jonas above?

posted by Brian Frost 19 May 2013

I was really referring to "Bluetooth XBEE" module RN41XVC - connects on the XBEE header.

posted by avnish aggarwal 19 May 2013
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