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Should I add define KL25Z for RTOS header?

I'm exporting a RTOS program to uVision, but it wont compile the library.

mbed-rtos/rtx/rt_CMSIS.c(46): error: #35: #error directive: "Missing CORTEX_Mx definition"

#if defined (__CORTEX_M4) || defined (__CORTEX_M4F)
  #include "core_cm4.h"
#elif defined (__CORTEX_M3)
  #include "core_cm3.h"
#elif defined (__CORTEX_M0)
  #include "core_cm0.h"
#elif defined (__CORTEX_M0PLUS)
  #include "core_cm0plus.h"
  #error "Missing __CORTEX_Mx definition"

Should I add my `TARGET_KL25Z` tag to the list? if so, which one should I duplicate?

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I saw same error.

then I set below symbols


to C/C++ tabs on Project Options, and works fine.

Accepted Answer

Well the only difference in mine was I chose TOOLCHAIN_ARM, but I changed it to uARM. Either way I still get a couple errors (possibly unrelated). I'll poke around

posted by Eric Fossum 13 May 2013
7 years, 2 months ago.

Thanks for reporting this issue. The KL25Z project template has now been updated.

Hello, Emilio

I re-Export my rtos project and checked that it can build without an error on uVision. Thanks.

posted by fuyuno sakura 13 May 2013