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Is it possible to connect 3 SPI devices to the same mbed at once?


I'm trying to connect three SPI devices at once on the same MBED and I was wondering if this is possible?

Thanks, James

Hi James,

i know this is an old question but i am trying to do the same thing and i wanted to ask if you have any code example that you used to connect and save data to the three spi devices.

posted by Elvi Fiscali 30 Jan 2016

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There are two SPI interfaces on the mbed but you can connect multiple devices to each one. For example you could connect three SPI devices as shown below.


Pins 5,6 & 7 are the one of the mbed's SPI interfaces and are shared with all 3 devices. Each SPI device has it's own CS (chip select) line (8, 9 & 10) which you would set low to select the device. You can see an example of a single SPI device being selected and deselected on the SPI handbook page.

You might also choose to connect one of your SPI devices to one SPI interface and 2 to the other.


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Yes this is fine, just use different chip select lines for each device.