MtM+ MtConnect04S

The MtM+ MtConnect04S is a series of Bluetooth low energy development kits.

The MtM+ MtConnect04S provides the most convenient way for developing Bluetooth low energy(BLE) applications. It carries the ultra small BLE SiP module, MtM+ M904S. It has generic IO that let you build up your own IoT applications rapidly, e.g. temperature sensing, motion detecting, and smart lighting.

The official site for the MtM+ MtConnect04 is:

If you're new to mbed, visit the tutorial on our blog.


Firmware Update

MtAid01-mbed is the extension board that helps to download the mbed applications to MtConnect04S. When a new MtAid01-mbed is plugged into your PC, it will not contain valid any firmware, and so will appear as a disk drive called "CRP Disabled" as.

To program the MtAid01-mbed, follow these steps:

  • Open the drive, and delete the file called "firmware.bin"
  • Download the image of MtAid01-mbed
  • Copy the .bin file onto the "CRP Disabled" drive.
    • On Windows, replace firmware.bin with the above firmware
    • On Linux/Mac, use command: dd if={new_firmware.bin} of={firmware.bin} conv=notrunc
  • Unplug your MtAid01-mbed, and plug it back in
  • It should now appear as a disk drive called MTCONNEC04S

You can re-program your MtAid01-mbed at any time by plugging it in with the button held down. This will cause it to appear as the "CRP Disabled" drive, at which point you can follow the steps above.

Using MtConnect04S

To use the MtAid01-mbed, stack the MtConnect04S and MtAid01-mbed together and simply connect to your host machine with a micro-USB cable.

You can drag and drop binary images onto the MTCONNEC04S disk drive, which will then be programmed into the MtConnect04S. If errors are encountered, a file called "fail.txt" will appear with details. Note that the MtAid01-mbed has to contain the correct firmware to enable drag and drop programming.

Let there be light!

It is a Hello World for MtConnect04S. Follow the steps to setup:

Import programMtConnect04S_Blinky

Let there be light.

  • Import the program
  • Compile
  • .bin file will be downloaded automatically
  • Copy .bin to the drive MTCONNEC04S
  • Press the RESET button, LED will start flashing.

Key component

The core of MtConnect04S is MtM+ BLE module, M904S, which uses SiP (System-in-Package) technology to achieve a very small form factor. This simplifies the BLE-related circuitry design in your PCB and allows you to focus your effort on core product development.

MtConnect04S family

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