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Nucleo F401RE and Quadrature encoders

03 Jun 2014

Hi, Does somebody know how to manage with quadrature encoders on a Nucleo F401RE board ? According to the datasheet of its processor, it has the specific hardware for supporting 4 quadrature encoders. I would like to know if somebody has built a library for this or can do the job. My problem is I want to use a Nucleo F401RE board on a robot with to DC motors and two quadrature encoders for feed-back control. Thanks for the answer.

17 Jan 2015


I am looking for the same information right now. I gather that timers 2,3,4,5 can handle an encoder and I have found this example that seems to use timer 2 for one encoder (with index signal too)

Did you find an interesting source of information about the topic?

Thanks a lot,

Miguel Sánchez

17 Jan 2015
17 Jan 2015

Great, thanks a lot, exactly what I was looking for.

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