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SERIAL_TX SERIAL_RX: not recieving data from STM32F401

06 Nov 2017

Hello everyone

i have the problem that i cannot read the data that the STM32F401 sends via Serialport.

It CAN read the data that i send to it, since the example program (the one that toogles the board LED when a 1 or 0 is sent) does what it is intended to do, but the message that is sent by printf is not visualized. I have tried may terminals (putty, Arduino Serial Window), with no success in reading the data.

I have seen a post that says that i need to REMOVE the 0ohm resistor in SB13 and SB14, and connect SB62 and SB63 with a 0 ohm resistor too in order for it to work properly.

This is where my questions go:

1) This means that i have to MANUALLY REMOVE this resistors from the back of the board using a weller? 2) If i have to connect SB62 and SB63, can i use a wire? or should i use 0 ohm resistors? (like the ones removed in the quesion 1, if the answer is yes) 3) Is there a way to recieve the messages from the STM32F401 withouth doing this changes? I am afraid of damaging the board if i have to use a weller on it.

I ask this questions beacuse i want to send data to a Matlab program that reads some inputs from the STM32F401. If there is another way to do this i would be gratefull.

Here the link of the other threat:

Thanks in advance

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