Updated UIPEthernet library for ENC28j60 ethernet device

16 Dec 2016

Hi All!

I modified UIPEthernet library for ENC28j60 ethernet chip.

This library have compatible API with WizNet W5100 Ethernet library.

Original UIPEthernet writed by Norbert Truchsess.


- Replaced import to include, because gcc say 'import is deprecated'.

- Added support for STM32F, and ESP8266 MCU-s.

- Merged martinayotte's modification (Correct s_dhcp 40K more memory usage with STM32F MCU-s.)

- Moved htons,ntohs,htonl,ntohl definitions to uip.h.

- Corrected infinite loops.

- Set the version to 1.2.0

- Corrected ESP8266 exception(28).

- Added watchdog reset calls in functions for stable running on ESP8266.

- Added geterevid function to get ENC28j60 chip erevid (revision information).

- Changed linkStatus to static for outside call.

- Added functions bypass, if can't communicate with ethernet device.

- Added SPI bus instabil communication detection.

- Changed debuging/logging. Remove individual debuging. Add global and scalable debuging feature.

You can setup debuging/logging level in utility/logging.h

You can use this header file in Your scetch too.

Add "LogObject" define for serial logging/debuging with board specific default setting.

- Added support to MBED/SMeshStudio IDE. (Compiled to STM32F103RB (Nucleo).)

Can You use more MCU-s (Atmel AVR-s,Arduino Due,STM32F series(Maple Mini),ESP8266).

Can You use Arduino IDE, and MBED/SMeshStudio.

You find more wirings in hardware directory.

You can download from: https://github.com/UIPEthernet/UIPEthernet

29 Dec 2016

Hi All!

New version available:1.2.1

- Added Abstract Print class to MBED for full compatibility (Can use print, println with uip objects.)

- All examples working properly with MBED compiler too.

Best regards

19 Aug 2017

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