Website bug: Connect GitHub account redirects to localhost

02 Sep 2017

(This is a bug report against this very website, not sure if this is the right place; couldn't find any place to report site issue.)

Tested on both Firefox and Google Chrome, all current versions.

  1. Go to mbed TLS developer account settings. (
  2. On the bottom, click the connect button to connect a GitHub account.
  3. Notice you'll be redirected to an URL:


Obviously, this is an issue with the GitHub integration and the mbed TLS developer site. Please look into this.

I'd like to make a contribution via a GitHub PR, and I think I need to connect the accounts so that the contribution agreement signature will be recognized.

14 Sep 2017

Hi Gert, Thank you for reporting. The link does appear broken and I have reported it to our web team.

Regarding github however, your profile is already tied to a github account and it also reflects that you have accepted the CLA. So you should be good to go.

You may find this helpful with regards to contributing to mbed TLS.

-mbed Support

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