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1 #ifndef _VAL_GREENTEA_H_
2 #define _VAL_GREENTEA_H_
4 #ifdef __cplusplus
5 extern "C"
6 {
7 #endif
9 #include "val.h"
10 #include "val_interfaces.h"
12 void mbed_val_test_init(uint32_t test_num, char8_t *desc, uint32_t test_bitfield);
13 void mbed_val_test_exit(void);
14 val_status_t mbed_val_execute_non_secure_tests(uint32_t test_num, client_test_t *tests_list, bool_t server_hs);
15 val_status_t mbed_val_set_status(uint32_t status);
16 uint32_t mbed_val_get_status(void);
17 val_status_t mbed_val_execute_secure_test_func(psa_handle_t *handle, test_info_t test_info, uint32_t sid);
18 val_status_t mbed_val_print(print_verbosity_t verbosity, const char *string, uint32_t data);
19 val_status_t mbed_val_get_secure_test_result(psa_handle_t *handle);
20 val_status_t mbed_val_ipc_connect(uint32_t sid, uint32_t minor_version, psa_handle_t *handle);
21 val_status_t mbed_val_ipc_call(psa_handle_t handle, psa_invec *in_vec, size_t in_len,
22  psa_outvec *out_vec, size_t out_len);
23 void mbed_val_ipc_close(psa_handle_t handle);
24 val_status_t mbed_val_wd_reprogram_timer(wd_timeout_type_t timeout_type);
26 #ifdef __cplusplus
27 }
28 #endif
30 #endif // _VAL_GREENTEA_H_
Copyright (c) 2018-2019, Arm Limited or its affiliates.
Copyright (c) 2018-2019, Arm Limited or its affiliates.
A writable output memory region provided to an RoT Service.
A read-only input memory region provided to an RoT Service.
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