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 ATCmdParser class
 Callback class
 CallChain class
 CircularBuffer functions
 CriticalSectionLock functions
 CThunk class
 DeepSleepLock functions
 DirHandle functions
 FunctionPointer class
 Assert macros
 atomic functions
 Atomic functions function analogously to C11 and C++11 - loads have acquire semantics, stores have release semantics, and atomic operations are sequentially consistent.
 critical section function
 Debug functions
 Error functions
 Network interface and other utility functions
 mem_trace functions
 mktime functions
 MPU management functions
 poll functions
 Power management functions
 preprocessor macros
 Retarget functions
 rtc_time functions
 stats functions
 Mbed Thread
 Toolchain functions
 Version macros
 wait_api functions
 NonCopyable class
 PlatformMutex class
 ScopedLock functions
 SingletonPtr class
 Span class
 Stream class
 Transaction class

Data Structures

class  ScopedRamExecutionLock
 RAII object for disabling, then restoring RAM execute never mode Usage: More...
class  ScopedRomWriteLock
 RAII object for disabling, then restoring ROM write never mode Usage: More...


Detailed Description

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum

enum Memory operation types for tracer


Identifier for malloc operation.


Identifier for realloc operation.


Identifier for calloc operation.


Identifier for free operation.

Definition at line 34 of file mbed_mem_trace.h.

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