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crys_dh_kg.h File Reference

This module defines the API that supports Diffie-Hellman domain. More...

#include "crys_dh.h"

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Data Structures

struct  CRYS_DHKGData_t
struct  CRYS_DHKG_CheckTemp_t


#define DH_X942_PRIME_MOD_MIN_VAL   1024
#define DH_X942_PRIME_MOD_MAX_VAL   2048
#define DH_X942_PGEN_COUNTER_CONST   4096
#define DH_X942_HASH_SIZE_BITS   160


typedef struct CRYS_DHKGData_t CRYS_DHKGData_t
typedef struct CRYS_DHKG_CheckTemp_t CRYS_DHKG_CheckTemp_t


CRYSError_t CRYS_DH_CreateDomainParams (void *rndState_ptr, SaSiRndGenerateVectWorkFunc_t rndGenerateVectFunc, uint32_t modPsizeBits, uint32_t orderQsizeBits, uint32_t seedSizeBits, uint8_t *modP_ptr, uint8_t *orderQ_ptr, uint8_t *generatorG_ptr, uint32_t *generGsizeBytes_ptr, uint8_t *factorJ_ptr, uint32_t *JsizeBytes_ptr, uint8_t *seedS_ptr, int8_t generateSeed, uint32_t *pgenCounter_ptr, CRYS_DHKGData_t *DHKGbuff_ptr)
 This function generates DH domain parameters in Galois prime field according to standard [ANS X9.42]. It receives the required sizes (in bits) of the modulus, the generator's order, and the seed, and then generates the prime modulus and the generator according to given sizes. If generateSeed argument is set to 1, the function generates and outputs the random seed. Otherwise (if set to 0), the seed has to be passed as an input argument. According to implementation the seed should be not greate, than (2^seedSizeBits - 2^32). The seed and some additional parameters, generated by the function (factorJ, pgenCounter), are used for checking that all domain parameters are generated according to the standard and not forged. More...
CRYSError_t CRYS_DH_CheckDomainParams (void *rndState_ptr, SaSiRndGenerateVectWorkFunc_t rndGenerateVectFunc, uint8_t *modP_ptr, uint32_t modPsizeBytes, uint8_t *orderQ_ptr, uint32_t orderQsizeBytes, uint8_t *generatorG_ptr, uint32_t generatorSizeBytes, uint8_t *seedS_ptr, uint32_t seedSizeBits, uint32_t pgenCounter, CRYS_DHKG_CheckTemp_t *checkTempBuff_ptr)
 This function receives DH domain parameters, seed and prime generation counter and then verifies that the domain was created according to the standard [ANS X9.42]. According to implementation, the value of the user passed seed should be not greate, than (2^seedSizeBits - 2^32), otherwise an error is returned. More...

Detailed Description

This module defines the API that supports Diffie-Hellman domain.

Definition in file crys_dh_kg.h.

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