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crypto_entropy_driver.h File Reference

PSA entropy source driver module. More...

#include "crypto_driver_common.h"

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Data Structures

struct  psa_drv_entropy_t
 A struct containing all of the function pointers needed to interface to an entropy source. More...


typedef psa_status_t(* psa_drv_entropy_init_t) (void *p_context)
 Initialize an entropy driver. More...
typedef psa_status_t(* psa_drv_entropy_get_bits_t) (void *p_context, uint8_t *p_buffer, uint32_t buffer_size, uint32_t *p_received_entropy_bits)
 Get a specified number of bits from the entropy source. More...

Detailed Description

PSA entropy source driver module.

This header declares types and function signatures for entropy sources.

This file is part of the PSA Crypto Driver Model, containing functions for driver developers to implement to enable hardware to be called in a standardized way by a PSA Cryptographic API implementation. The functions comprising the driver model, which driver authors implement, are not intended to be called by application developers.

Definition in file crypto_entropy_driver.h.

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