Digital Thermometer and Thermostat; Device Temperature Sensor MAX31723

The MAX31723 provides device temperature sensing and it may be used for thermometers and thermostats. The MAX31723 is compatible with SPi, 3-wire software code. The MAX31723 has an accuracy of ±0.5°C and the MAX31722 has an accuracy of ±2°C.


The MAX31723 device temperature sensor is suitable for digital thermostats and thermometers. MAX31723 suopports SPI or 3-wire communications.. Temperature limits may be stored in NVRAM so that the TOUT_N pin can be triggered when the limits are exceeded while in the comparator mode. This device powers up in the standby state.

The Max31723 temperature range is -55°C to +125°C.

Typically applications are for temperature sensitive systems, hardware temperature monitoring.

MAX31722 Accuracy °CTemperature Range °CMAX31722 Accuracy °FTemperature Range °F
+-2.0°C-40.0°C to +85°C+-3.6°F-40°F to +185°F
+-3.0°C-55°C to +125°C+-5.4°F-67°F to +257°F
MAX31723 Accuracy °CTemperature Range °CMAX31723 Accuracy °FTemperature Range °F
+-0.5°C0.0°C to +70°C+-0.9°F+32°F to +158°F
+-2.0°C-55°C to +125°C+-3.6°F-67°F to +257°F

MAX31723/MAX31722 Temp Sensor Sample main.c

Import programMAX31723_Thermostat_Thermometer_Sensor

Example host software for the Maxim Integrated MAX31723/MAX31722 Device Temperature Sensor. Hosted on the MAX32630FTHR. The MAX31723 may be used in thermostats, thermometers, and hardware temperature supervisors.

Library Code for MAX31723 Digital Thermometer

Import libraryMAX31723_Digital_Temperature_Sensor

C++ driver software code for Maxim Integrated MAX31723/MAX31722 device temperature sensor. The MAX31723 provides 9 to 12 bits of resolution.

Pinouts for MAX31723PMB1 to MAX32630FTHR (SPI)



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