Human Body Temperature Sensor Clinical Thermometer MAX30205

The MAX30205 provides accurate clinical body temperature with an accuracy of 0.1°C (37°C to 39°C).




The MAX30205 is used to measure human body temperature. The digital thermometer temperature sensor is accurate to 0.1°C over the measurement range of 37°C to 39°C and the resolution is 16 bits (0.00390625 °C). The MAX30205 features an over-temperature alarm /interrupt. Power saving one-shot and shutdown modes are also available.

Sample Main Program hosted on MAX32630FTHR (Hello World)

Import programMAX30205_Human_Body_Temperature_Example_Program_Hello_World

Example host software for the Maxim Integrated MAX30205 Human Body Temperature Sensor. Hosted on the MAX32630FTHR. (v.1.0000.0)

Temperature Sensor Firmware/Software C++ Code Driver Library

Import libraryMAX30205

Human body temp sensor library


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