PMIC with buck-boost/buck regulator, switches and LDO for wearable watches MAX14720

MAX1470 Wearable Power Management Solution with LDO, switch, buck regulator and buck-boost regulator.

Hello World

Import programHSP_PMIC_Demo

Program to demonstrate how to configure the PMIC on the MAX32620HSP (MAXREFDES100#)


Import libraryMAX14720

MAX14720 Library for MAX32620HSP (MAXREFDES100#)



The MAX14720/MAX14750 are compact power-management solutions for space-constrained, battery-powered applications where size and efficiency are critical. Both devices integrate a power switch, a linear regulator, a buck regulator, and a buck-boost regulator.

The MAX14720 is designed to be the primary power-management device. It is suitable for either non-rechargeable battery (coin-cell, dual alkaline) applications or for rechargeable solutions where the battery is removable and charged separately. The device includes a button monitor and sequencer.

The MAX14750 works well as a companion to a charger or PMIC in rechargeable applications. It provides direct pin control of each function and allows greater flexibility for controlling sequencing.

The devices include two programmable micro-IQ, high-efficiency switching converters: a buck-boost regulator and a synchronous buck regulator. These regulators feature a burst mode for increased efficiency during light-load operations.

The low-dropout linear regulator (LDO) has a programmable output. It can also operate as a power switch that can disconnect the quiescent load of system peripherals.

The devices also include a power switch with battery-monitoring capability. The switch can isolate the battery from all system loads to maximize battery life when not operating. It is also used to isolate the battery-impedance measurements. This switch can operate as a general-purpose load switch as well.

The MAX14720 includes a programmable power controller that allows the device to be configured either for use in applications that require a true off state or for always-on applications. This controller provides a delayed reset signal, voltage sequencing, and customized button timing for on/off control and recovery hard reset.

This example and library are specifically developed for the MAX14720A version as it is implemented in the MAX32620HSP MAXREFDES100# Health Sensor Platform, and provides access to the features that are configureable on that platform.

Typical Application Circuit with Lithium Coin Cell


MAX14720, MAX14750 WLP Pinouts


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