Rohm/Kionix KX123-6000 | Accelerometer

The KX123-6000 is a tri-axis +/-2g, +/-4g or +/-8g silicon micromachined accelerometer with integrated 2048 byte buffer, orientation, tap/double tap, activity detecting, and Free fall algorithms.

Hello World

Import programkionix-kx123-hello

Hello world for Kionix KX123 accelerometer sensor. This example application uses kionix-kx123-driver -library to communicate with sensor via i2c-bus. Acceleration values are read for 3 axis and maximum and minimum values for X-axis is printed out when new max/min is reached. Code includes re-connection logic to ease up HW connection debugging.


Import librarykionix-kx123-driver

Kionix KX123 accelerometer C++ driver. Can be used for some extend also with kx022, kx023, kx122, etc. when used features are present in sensor.


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