Grove Touch Sensor

The I2C Touch Sensor is based on FreeScale MPR121,

Hello World

Import programSeeed_Grove_I2C_Touch_Example

Seeed I2C touch example


Import libraryMPR121

A device driver for the Freescale MPR121 capactive touch IC. Not optimized for any particular system, just a starting point to get the chip up in running in no time. Changes to registers init() method will tailor the library for end system use.




The MPR121 is a capacitive touch sensor controller,features internal intelligence, include an hardware configurable I2C address, an expended filtering system with debounce, and completely independent electrodes with auto-configuration built in .

Touch Sensor feeler

The Touch Sensor feelers, which was 4 included in Touch Sensor module,can be set in any place you like, to feel your finger's touch or proximity. Notice it must not get in touch with any conductive material.

Kit included:

  • Grove - I2C Touch Sensor X1
  • Touch Feeler X4

Repository: Seeed_Grove_I2C_Touch_Example

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