Sink/Source,Input/Output Current DAC Margining DS4424

Four Channel I2C Programmable Current DAC, 7 bit resolution. Input/Output DAC. Current margining


The DS4424 Current DAC IC contains four I2C programmable current DACs that are each capable of sinking or sourcing current up to 200μA. Each DAC output has 127 sink and 127 source settings that are programmed using the I2C interface. The current driven DAC outputs power up in a high-impedance state. The device is typically used for power supply margining, for DAC controlled current sources or for maintaining a constant current source.

Sample Program for DS4424 I2C hosted on MAX32630FTHR (Mbed Hello World)

Import programDS4424_Hello_Current_DAC_on_MAX32630FTHR

Example host software for the Maxim Integrated DS4424/DS4422 I2C Sink/Source Current DAC. Hosted on the MAX32630FTHR.

Firmware/Software Driver Library C++ Code for DS4424, DS4422; includes methods for processed data (picoAmps)


Maxim Integrated 7-bit Sink/Source Current DAC. DS4424, DS4422 input/output current Digital-to-Analog Converter Driver/library code.

DS4424, DS4422 Linux C source code, IIO driver


Pinouts: DS4424 EvKit to MAX32630FTHR


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