Digital Temperature Thermometer Thermostat DS75 DS1775

The DS1775 digital thermometer and thermostat provides device temperature readings in a small SOT23 package and no additional components are required.



The DS1775 digital thermometer and thermostat provides digital temperature readings additional components.

The open-drain thermal alarm output, O.S., becomes active when the temperature of the device exceeds a user-defined TOS temperature. The number of consecutive faults required to set O.S. active is configurable by the user. The device can also be configured in the interrupt or comparator mode.

Thermostat Control

In its comparator operating mode, the DS1775 functions as a thermostat with programmable hysteresis. When the DS1775’s temperature meets or exceeds the value stored in the high temperature trip register (TOS) a consecutive number of times, as defined by the configuration register, the output becomes active and stays active until the first time that the temperature falls below the temperature stored in the low temperature trigger register (THYST).

In the interrupt mode, the O.S. output first becomes active following the programmed number of consecutive conversions above TOS. The fault can only be cleared by either setting the DS1775 in a shutdown mode or by reading any register. Following a clear, a subsequent fault can only occur if consecutive conversions fall below THYST. This interrupt/clear process is thus cyclical (TOS, clear, THYST, clear, TOS, clear, THYST, clear, etc.). Only the first of multiple consecutive TOS violations activates O.S., even if each fault is separated by a clearing function. The same situation applies to multiple consecutive THYST events.

The polarity of the O.S. active definition is configurable.

DS1775 Key Features

  • Measures Temperatures from -55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F)
  • Thermometer Resolution Configurable from 9 Bits to 12 Bits (0.5°C to 0.0625°C Resolution)
  • User-Definable Thermostat Settings
  • 2-Wire Serial Interface
  • 2.7V to 5.5V Power-Supply Range
  • Software Compatible with DS75 2-Wire Thermal Watchdog in Thermometer Mode
  • Space Saving 3x3 mm 5-Pin SOT23 Package with Low Thermal Time Constant
Accuracy °CTemperature Range °C Accuracy °FTemperature Range °F
+-2.0°C (±0.5°C Typical)-10°C to +85°C+-3.6°F (±0.9°F Typical)+14°F to +185°F
+-3.0°C (±1.0°C Typical)-55°C to +125°C+-5.4°F (±1.8°F Typical)+-67°F to +257°F

DS1755 Thermostat example main.c code

Import programDS1775_Digital_Thermostat_Temperature

Sample host software for the Maxim Integrated DS1775, DS75 Digital Thermometer Thermostat IC hosted on the MAX32630FTHR. The DS1775 is suitable for PCs, cell phones, and other thermally sensitive systems.

C or C++ Library Code for DS1755 Temperature Sensor, Thermometer chip

Import libraryDS1775_Digitial_Thermometer_Thermostat

C code and C++ library, driver software for Maxim Integrated DS1775, DS75 thermometer and thermostat temperature sensor. Code supports continuous or shut-down/standby, hysteresis, alarm limits, comparator or interrupt mode, fault filtering, and active low/high. Compact 5-pin SOT23 packaging


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